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GITEX is the largest technology exchange and marketplace for the Middle East & Africa held annually in October at the Dubai World Trade Centre. GITEX administration faced a problem in managing the heavy traffic of visitors and to facilitate them a good experience.

From top exhibitors and speakers to new product launches and live experiences, the most renowned names in technology participate in GITEX expo. Every year, GITEX hosts several technology shows, product launches, startup exhibitions, corporate presentations etc

The Business Challenge

The traffic inside the GITEX event hall is so large that a person can literally get lost in between thousands of stalls and points of interests. The unmanageable traffic and visitors who lost their way were a headache for the authorities. They were desperate for a solution to manage all visitors and to easily lead them directly to the stalls they are looking for. Business requirements were;

  • Provide quick information to visitors about stalls and booth locations.
  • Provide information about facilities, and venue statuses
  • Provide visitors with an option to easy to navigate through the event

The Solution

For GITEX, We have built a kiosk-based wayfinding application for GITEX to help their visitors to reach their destination with no hassle. The application is directory listing of all the stalls available in the Gitex providing a 3D wayfinding for the entire area. A user can search for any stall, view more details about a stall, navigate to a particular stall and view the path with a walkthrough video. The easy to use intuitive application has helped all visitors to find the right path to their desired destination and helped the authorities to avoid all the chaos.

  • 3D wayfinding solution
  • Shows the shortest path to the destination for visitors
  • Shows facilities and elevators available
  • Option to scan the route in mobile phones
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