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Our customer was a leading products company focusing in the health sector with a huge network and its products being used in hospitals in Indonesia and Singapore.

The Business Challenge

A problem that most of the hospitals face is that most of the patients do not come back to the hospital after receiving the initial medical prescription. This affects the course of treatment and its effectiveness. Most of the times, patients either forget to take medicine on time or miss the medicine completely. Leaving the treatment ineffective and would affect the reputation of the Hospital. Even when a patient visits a hospital, long queues & inefficient token management usually lead to negative user experience.

  • Provide personalised care for patients
  • Facilitate seamless queue management for patients
  • Facilitate seamless navigation for patients in hospital premises

The Solution

For our client, we built a cross-platform mobile application, which is an intelligent personal assistant who solves the aforementioned problems to provide the best experience to patients as well as hospitals. The intelligent system tracks the pattern of the user’s medication and provides insights to both patients as well as doctors. Advising the patient about when to take medication and when to change course.  Linking with other user accounts,  it also provides an optimized queue management solution to provide ‘wait-free’ experience for patients at hospitals.

  • Provides personalized experience to patients
  • ‘Wait-free’ experience for patients at the hospitals
  • multi-platform application supporting Android, iOs, and Windows
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