IATRIK: A versatile healthcare marketing application

A flagship product of Ergonomics, IATRIK is a web-based tool that can be used by healthcare providers, hospitals and nursing homes to seamlessly coordinate an array of marketing related tasks. Using this smart Dashboard, different departments and employees in a hospital can store their brochures, videos and other marketing collaterals. Google analytics has also been integrated with the system through which they can generate various analytic reports. A variety of graphs will be automatically created based on these analytic reports. Request forms for appointment and personal live chat are also available. Administrators can create users and assign the levels they can access.


IATRIK can be customised to any extent as per the client's requirement and can be upgraded as a full ERP solution. Currently, the application is being used in more than 35 nursing home facilities in North America. The software has been developed using one of the best performing MVCs of PHP - YII Framework, technologies like HTMLS, CSS3 and MySQL as database.


Marketing staff can easily upload brochures, logos, business cards and videos into the system. The super administrators can view these collaterals and approve them for printing or delivery.
Administrators can use this feature to monitor and inquire about the various tasks assigned to marketing executives/agencies. For instance, checking the current status of brochure and logo preparation; if finished, giving the request to print; if printed, inspecting the quantity etc.
The marketing team can create a list of inquiries they receive via the live chat system, e-mails, referrals or other methods. They can also enter important details like - number of patients admitted, reasons for non-admittance, payment sources, among others.
Using the data input from admission inquiries, multiple graphs and reports on Method of Referral Transmission, Referring Physician, Admission Numbers and Payment Sources can be generated.
This feature is beneficial for a network of hospitals/nursing homes under a single management. Instead of visiting each facility's website to track the analytics, all the graphs will be generated and shown inside this one tool.

Key Healthcare Services

  • Clinical data management with CRM
  • Business intelligence through web portals
  • Dashboards
  • Search engine optimization