A little about us

ERGONOMICS Communication and Information Technologies (ECIT) form a qualified team, savvy of the latest trends and waves of the pertinent industry. The business analyst and system analyst at ECIT join hand in glove to develop and customize each product and services to support our clients. Moreover, our analysts take every effort to ensure that our solutions fit the client’s very specific needs and ensure that their productivity is improved exponentially through the designs. The management at ECIT calls daily meetings of our development teams to remove obstacles and for improving the quality of end product and for coordinating the work carried out by our analysts. While responding to specific requirements, ECIT’s experts will guide clients through each phase of solution development with advises on technological options.

ECIT’s commitment to long-term partnership covers every aspect of software production and implementation. Our global presence makes us easy to serve customers from any part of the world. We also take up any kind of training pertaining to IT for making things conducive to the client needs.

Intention & Destination

Ergonomics, the science of studying and enhancing the most efficient interaction between humans and systems that contribute towards the performance level of the system as a whole. ECIT engages ergonomic applications in its functionality to make sure that tasks, functions, equipment and environment integrate optimally for the desired results.
Whereas Ergonomics can be applied to varied operations at ECIT, our mission is to incorporate Ergonomic theories in tweaking the development of superior quality web applications and software that match the exact requirements of the client company.
ECIT form an ambitious group of IT developers, who team up to emerge as one of the best mid-range ICT solution providers and ICT resourcing company in the global scene. We contemplate to oversee our climb in to the elite club of billion dollar companies. Our vision is simple, we want ECIT to simplify and Ease your company’s way to success by lending our IT arm…efficiently of course!

We are good at

Programming 95%

Database 93%

Framework 100%

CMS 88%

GIS, Mapping & Spatial77%

Version Control 80%